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13 October 2016
The Christian Journal, Freeport, New York – For the sixth year in a roll, the Baldwin University Foundation over the weekend raised money from patrons to support underprivileged students in Africa.
Dr Akwasi Achampong, a medical doctor and the founder of Baldwin University in his address said “Education nowadays is more important than ever. But getting into, paying for, and graduating from school is no easy task in Africa, and it’s only made more difficult for those students who come from poor families.”
Luckily, there are various organizations dedicated to helping underprivileged students to accessing and pursuing the education they deserve. By reviewing school policies, working with students to create plans, finding scholarship opportunities and advocating for equal opportunity, these organizations work hard to ensure that those poor families won’t be looked over or treated unfairly when it comes to education.
The Baldwin University Foundation help to provide financial assistance such as scholarships and grants to cover tuition as well as books, accommodation, food, clothing and transportation for under privileged students in Africa.
One of such students is Sampson Ananse who benefited from a scholarship through high school and now enrolled at the Baldwin College in Ghana. In a video presentation, he spoke about how helpful the foundation have been helpful to him and his family.
Baldwin College is an independent, comprehensive institution which provides a value-centered educational experience that enhances intellectual, ethical, spiritual and social development for students.
At Baldwin students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of modern life. Undergraduate programs, based on a strong Liberal Arts and Science core curriculum, offer choices in professional and career preparation.