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24 October 2019
Kwabena Sarpong, chairman of the Governing Board of Baldwin University College, has urged female students of the university, to as a matter of urgency, report lecturers who invite them to cook or wash for them in their homes.

He said such requests are gateways to ‘Sex for Grades’ which is despicable.

According to him, though some lecturers are straightforward with their demands, some hide behind harmless request for favours from their female students under the guise that their wives are on trips and they need someone to rescue them from the piles of house chores the trip had left on them.

He added that ‘Sex for Grades’ had existed for over five decades and had only recently gained the attention because the practice is now becoming endemic.

His comments came on the back of the latest expose´by BBC Africa Eye which exposed some lecturers in the University of Ghana and Lagos University.

He said this during the 4th matriculation ceremony held by Baldwin University College over the weekend where 50 students were matriculated into the institution to offer various courses.

His comment was to assure female students of protection against sexual harassment in the institute as management of the institute takes severe disciplinary action against sexual harassment reports from their students.

The 50 students matriculated will be pursuing causes in Medical Laboratory Science, Information Technology and Pre-med course for further studies at the Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba among other courses.